In American, How Could This Happen?

In America, How Could This Happen is a project by artist Suzanne Brennan Firstenberg on the Armory Parade Grounds. There is a flag planted for each death, with more flags added each day as the death toll increases. People can write names of family members or friends on the flags. D.C. Armory in background View…

Barrett confirmation

Shortly before the vote to confirm Amy Coney Barrett, 10/26/20


The COVID-19 U.S. Honor Quilt, during the closing ceremony at the Lincoln Memorial.

Mourning into Unity

Religious organizations sponsored inter-faith vigils for the tragedy of COVID throughout the country. The vigil in D.C. was sponsored by The Church of the Epiphany, and took place on Black Lives Matter Plaza on 10/19/20.

Amy Coney Barrett hearing

Scenes outside the Supreme Court and Dirksen as the hearings began for the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett.