Poor People’s Campaign

Reverend William Barber II led a rally and march in D.C. on a National Day of Action, part of the Poor People’s Campaign.

Mei Xiang’s 23rd birthday

Celebration at the National Zoo today for Mei Xiang’s 23rd birthday. Her 10-month old cub, Xiao Qi Ji, enjoyed the cake along with her.

Climate protest

The J30 Climate protest assembled on Freedom Plaza, then five different climate actions went in front of five entrances to the White House grounds. Entrance to the Ellipse – the White House is visible on the left Pennsylvania Avenue entrance by the Treasury Department 15th St. entrance to the White House grounds

Alexandria’s birthday

Fireworks in celebration of the birthday of the city of Alexandria, as viewed from Jones Point Park (a tiny Capitol is visible in the background).

The Capitol fence comes down

On Friday night, the work began with taking out the bolts holding the fence segments together: On Saturday morning, the fence segments and the Jersey barriers were removed. Fence segments loaded on the truck.

Freedom Ride

The Freedom Ride for Voting Rights, after a one-week tour through the South, ended with a rally on the Mall in D.C. on June 26, 2021. Mayor Muriel Bowser Representative Eleanor Holmes Norton Representative Eleanor Holmes Norton Former Mayor Sharon Pratt