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  • March for Life

    March for Life

    I saw only the end of the March for Life, as it ended at the Supreme Court, but even with many people having already finished the March, the crowd was still huge after six hours on a cold day. There were pro-life speakers in front of the Court, and a few pro-choice advocates standing nearby.

  • Dupont Underground – revisited

    Dupont Underground – revisited

    Two years ago, I took one of the first public tours of the Dupont Underground space, which was still very raw. Now, after two years of work, the non-profit Dupont Underground has opened the space for more tours and future events.  This tour included light projections in one area of the tunnel.  The space is…

  • Beyond the Hashtag Rally

    Beyond the Hashtag Rally

    On July 10th, there was a second Black Lives Matter rally, following on the one on July 7th. The rally began at the African American Civil War Memorial with speeches and prayers, and then marched through Shaw, then Chinatown, and ended at the White House.