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  • Mueller hearing

    Mueller hearing

    Went into Rayburn toward the end of Mueller’s testimony yesterday. Saw lots of media and a couple of Congressmen, but didn’t see Mueller – he immediately went out through the garage.

  • Your Complacency Kills Us

    Your Complacency Kills Us

    Your Complacency Kills Us is a temporary exhibit on the Capitol grounds, created by the Parkland survivors.

  • 29Rooms


    29Rooms is an interactive temporary installation by Refinery 29, in a warehouse in Brooklyn.

  • Meridian Hill Park

    Meridian Hill Park

    An afternoon spent at Meridian Hill Park in early August, in soaring heat but a park full of active people.  The models are volunteers coming to the #PortraitMeetDC.

  • Catharsis – before the burn

    Catharsis – before the burn

    Catharsis on the Mall offered many activities during the weekend, preceding the ceremonial burn on Saturday night, in a fantastic encampment built on the grounds of the Washington Monument.

  • Hip-Hop Festival

    Hip-Hop Festival

    The Words Beats & Life Hip-Hop Festival at the Kennedy Center, with the Top Notch b-boy/b-girl battle and the Fine Lines Paint Jam.  

  • The Kindness Campaign

    The Kindness Campaign

    Instagram’s Kindness campaign commissioned several murals in the U.S. In D.C., a mural by Dallas Clayton was unveiled at Union Market with a small ceremony, featuring the artist, Instagram COO Marne Levine, Jewel and her son, local politicians, and some young entrepreneurs.

  • Smithsonian Circus

    Smithsonian Circus

    The Smithsonian Folklife Festival this year is celebrating the circus arts on the Mall.

  • Paris Climate Accord protest

    Paris Climate Accord protest

    Lafayette Square, the afternoon of Trump’s announcement.

  • Ben’s new mural

    Ben’s new mural

    A few months ago, Ben’s Chili Bowl decided to paint over its mural featuring Bill Cosby and Barack Obama. There’s been a lot of speculation about who would appear on the new mural, including an option for people to vote on their favorite. Today was the opening presentation of the new mural, and the answer…