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  • Lord & Taylor Last Gasp

    Lord & Taylor Last Gasp

    The flagship Lord & Taylor store on Fifth Avenue has been sold to WeWork for their headquarters. The famous window displays will be no more. This year, the windows had video screens which showed some of their past favorite displays.

  • Excess and Charity

    Excess and Charity

    On Madison Avenue, tons of popcorn at Calvin Klein, and reminders to donate to charity at Barneys.

  • Tiffanys


    Holiday windows on Fifth Avenue NYC

  • SAKS holiday windows

    SAKS holiday windows
  • Macy’s holiday windows

    Macy’s holiday windows
  • City Hall

    City Hall

    New York’s City Hall was on view during Open House NY weekend.  Completed in 1812, it is the oldest still-used city hall in the U.S.

  • The Color Factory

    The Color Factory

    This is the Color Factory in NYC, the successor to the wildly popular Color Factory in San Francisco.

  • NYFW


    I was in NY on the first weekend of NY Fashion Week.  These photos are from the area around Spring Studios, the main location of the shows.  It was raining much of the time.

  • The Let Go

    The Let Go

    The Let Go is an environment created by Nick Cave in the vast space in the Park Avenue Armory. The space is mainly dark, with some lights forming dance areas as circles or a strip for line dancing, and there are colored tinsel strips that move to enfold various dance spaces. All of the lights, […]

  • New murals

    New murals

    Some new murals in NYC: Surrounding the construction area by the World Trade Center On the Bowery Wall, a new mural by Tristan Eaton is being installed, replacing the Banksy mural from earlier this spring.