Category: Flowers and plants

  • Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens

    Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens

    Waterlilies, lotus, and butterflies at Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens this morning.

  • Cherry blossoms

    Cherry blossoms

    The cherry blossoms in 2022: Cherry blossoms fading after cold, wind, and rain

  • Kenilworth Aquatic Garden

    Kenilworth Aquatic Garden

    On a gloomy and drizzling day – none of the usual dragonflies and butterflies out, but the lotus are amazing.

  • Corpse flowers

    Corpse flowers

    In a rare event, the U.S. Botanic Garden had three corpse flowers in bloom this year, following a single one last year. The rarest one had a purple stem, and was the first to bloom The other two had the more common green stems. Here they are before blooming: And here’s the third one in…

  • The Corpse Flower

    The Corpse Flower

    Titan Arum, aka the corpse flower, blooms seldom and unpredictably, storing up energy in its large bulb until it is ready to go. I saw (and smelled!) the last time the U.S. Botanic Garden had a blooming corpse flower in 2013, and was eager to see it again. It didn’t disappoint. Here it is a…