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  • Andean Bears

    Andean Bears

    The four-month-old Andean bear cubs, Sean and Ian, have recently started playing outside at the National Zoo, under the watchful eye of their mother Brienne. One of the cubs is confident climbing high up in the trees, and the other climbs a short distance and then often slides back down.

  • Tian Tian’s 25th birthday

    Tian Tian’s 25th birthday

    Celebration at the National Zoo this morning for Tian Tian’s 25th birthday. Mei Xiang and Xiao Qi Ji also got treats this morning in the adjoining enclosure.

  • Snowy Owl

    Snowy Owl

    A snowy owl has taken residence at Union Station for the past week, and I got to see it last night, under the full Wolf Moon. An amazing sight.

  • Mei Xiang’s 23rd birthday

    Mei Xiang’s 23rd birthday

    Celebration at the National Zoo today for Mei Xiang’s 23rd birthday. Her 10-month old cub, Xiao Qi Ji, enjoyed the cake along with her.

  • Last call at the zoo

    Last call at the zoo

    The zoo is closing after this weekend, along with all the other Smithsonian museums, due to rising rates of COVID. I’ve been trying to see Redd, the young orangutan, on the O-line for the last couple of years, so today was my last chance to see him and I finally got lucky. Not a great […]

  • Tian Tian’s 23rd birthday

    Tian Tian’s 23rd birthday

    The National Zoo gave Tian Tian a party for his 23rd birthday, 8/27/20.

  • The zoo reopens!

    The zoo reopens!

    After being closed for four months during the pandemic, the zoo reopened this weekend. I was especially glad to see Redd and Moke and see how they have grown.

  • Baby robins

    Baby robins

    Baby robins at Constitution Gardens

  • Bullfrogs


    Pond at Tregaron Conservancy

  • Hawks


    Mother and three baby hawks, in Klingle Park The baby hawks getting bigger: