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  • New Year’s Day

    New Year’s Day

    I always like to start the year by photographing around the city, but in today’s frigid weather, I went inside five museums on the Mall.  Favorite exhibits: Subodh Gupta’s Terminal at the Sackler Seeing Ai Weiwei’s Trace again, on the closing day of the exhibit.

  • Michelangelo at the Met

    Michelangelo at the Met

    The Michelangelo exhibit at the Met is one of the most crowded exhibits I’ve ever been to. Since most of the works shown are small drawings, it was pretty impossible to see them with an unobstructed view. So here is the Sistine Chapel ceiling replica, and the gift shop.

  • David Hockney at the Met

    David Hockney at the Met

    Hockney has been pretty much my favorite painter for a long time. Awesome to see this exhibit at the Met. I’ve got books with the paintings in them, so I didn’t need to take photos of the paintings by themselves, but it was crowded enough that people were conveniently in front of the photos.

  • Our Senses

    Our Senses

    Exhibit at the Natural History Museum, NYC

  • Augmented Reality Nutcracker

    Augmented Reality Nutcracker

    The Nutcracker installation at Artechouse had interactive projections on the walls, and some augmented reality elements triggered from a smartphone app.

  • Kingdom of Colors

    Kingdom of Colors

    The Kingdom of Colors exhibit at Artechouse is a magical riot of colors.

  • Evenings at the Edge

    Evenings at the Edge

    The National Gallery’s Evening at the Edge program for November featured hip-hop artist Christylez Bacon, who merged his hip-hop with Indian musician Nistha Raj.

  • Vermeer


    Got to go see a preview of the new Vermeer and contemporaries exhibit at the National Gallery, getting as much time as I wanted without the crowds, so I walked through the exhibit rooms four times, absorbing new details each time. I ended up being most fascinated by three sets of details: the women’s faces,…

  • Spirit of Autumn

    Spirit of Autumn

    The Spirit of Autumn is a new interactive show at Artechouse.

  • Pacific Red II

    Pacific Red II

    Pacific Red II, by Larry Bell, was part of the Whitney Biennial.