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  • View from the train

    View from the train

    I usually take a lot of photos of graffiti as seen from the Amtrak train between New York and Philadelphia, but this ride I took photos of other scenes:

  • 2017 in review

    2017 in review

    One photo from each month of 2017 (not including photos of protests, which are in a separate post)

  • 2016 Roundup

    2016 Roundup

    One photo from each month of 2016. I chose these not because they were my “best” photos of the year, or the most meaningful (that would be my photos of protests and rallies, which really belong in sets), but just photos that I like for various quirky reasons. January February March April May June July…

  • Democratic National Convention

    Democratic National Convention

    On the second day of the DNC, I went up to Philadelphia to see the action surrounding the Convention. Here’s what I saw: Bernie Sanders rally There was a large Bernie Sanders rally at Thomas Paine Plaza, across the street from City Hall, which went on for most of the day. Around the city There…

  • Cosplay


    Recently I’ve being going to some meetups which combine cosplay and photography. It’s been a fun challenge to learn how to photograph cosplayers in ways that bring out their characters.¬† Here are photos from a shoot in the Library of Congress with¬† Anastasia and her father Tsar Nicholas and Elsa from Frozen, and then Resident…