Category: Experimentation

  • Photo experiment – day 11 of 31

    Today’s experiment is tilt-shift – applying the tilt-shift effect in Photoshop CS6 to a photo. The photo was one I took in 2005 in Central Park of The Gates – it was taken on slide film, and then I scanned the slide to convert it to digital, so the image is not of the highest […]

  • Photo experiment – day 10 of 31

    Today’s experiment is using 2 cameras to take one photo. I’ve read about this technique using a twin-lens reflex and taking a photo of its viewfinder, producing an interesting vintage look. But since I don’t have a twin-lens reflex, this shot is simply an Iphone photo of my DSLR’s viewfinder. Might be an interesting technique […]

  • Photo experiment – day 9 of 31

    Today’s experiment is not exactly photography – this image is produced by scanning. What I learned: getting all the dust off the scanner is critical, and frustrating composing isn’t easy, since you see the composition from the back side I couldn’t get one of those super-high-res scans due to my scanner’s limits – so this […]

  • Photo experiment – day 8 of 31

    Today I tried a fisheye lens – so it didn’t take much effort (although I did find out that one can create a lot of boring images with a fisheye before finding some subject matter that works). I don’t have a fisheye lens for my DSLR, so this is using the olloclip fisheye on the […]

  • Photo experiment – day 7 of 31

    Today’s experiment is focus stacking. I took 12 images of this flower, with a 60mm macro lens about 15 inches away.  With the lens set on manual focus, I moved the focus of the lens slightly between each photo.  Then I stacked the photos in Photoshop, and used the auto-blend layer stack option. The result […]

  • Photo experiment – day 6 of 31

    Today’s experiment is lightpainting. This image was shot in a dark room, using a flashlight that had multicolor light.  For a few seconds, the scene was lit by the blue light from the flashlight, then with a quick burst of white light directed toward the middle of the scene.  I held the flashlight in one […]

  • Photo experiment – day 5 of 31

    Today I created a photo montage.  Now that I am taking a lot of Iphone photos in square formats, I’m beginning to have some photos that can be combined effectively, like this set in blue.  I hope to someday have lots of potential combinations out of the photos I have taken.

  • Photo experiment – day 4 of 31

    Today I created a waterdroplet effect, using the Iphone app Marblecam.   This app is really easy to use, but it took me a lot of trial and error to get a decent image.  You can control the size of the droplet, and the placement on the page, but not what it reflects and what […]

  • Photo experiment – day 3 of 31

    Today’s experiment was to take an ordinary daytime photo and turn it into nighttime. The result: And here is the image I started with:   First, I used the Midnight filter in Color Efex Pro to turn it into a dark scene.  This filter not only darkens the photo, but can add a bit of […]

  • Photo experiment – day 2 of 31

    For today’s experiment, I decided to create an extreme high-key photo, starting with a normally-exposed photo, and using Photoshop and Color Efex Pro.   It didn’t take long to figure out the sort of photos that look good in high key (or, especially, the ones that look bad – there were some I tried that […]