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  • Barneys 500

    Barneys 500

    One of the things I love about New York is the creativity of the store windows.  Barneys has some of the best displays.  This is the Barneys 500 – a race course for shoes that ran across windows in the front and side of the store.

  • Fiesta DC 2012

    Fiesta DC 2012

    Fiesta DC parade went down Pennsylvania Avenue this afternoon.  I have taken photos of a number of parades along this route – and it remains a challenge to get good shots – crowds in the way, strong light and heavy shadows, usually costumes with hats that shade the faces, busy backgrounds, etc.  So I took…

  • Zezeh Brazilian Dance

    Zezeh Brazilian Dance

    At the 2012 Adams Morgan Day festival

  • Photo experiment – day 31 of 31

    This month has been fun trying new things. I’m glad to be done, and glad I actually managed to stick to something for 31 days in a row. It’s been a useful way to become less hesitant about experimenting – with the daily task of trying a new technique, I haven’t worried about waiting to…

  • Photo experiment day 30 of 31

    Today’s experiment is a image made into a half-tone, with dots somewhere between newpaper-sized and Lichtenstein-sized, using Photoshop’s filters.

  • Photo experiment day 29 of 31

    You could wait forever to catch two trains absolutely simultaneous in the Metro, or use Photoshop to create a mirror image like this –

  • Photo experiment – day 28 of 31

    Today’s experiment (actually, from last night): out-of-focus lights. Done by setting the camera focus to up close, and the aperture wide open (50mm 1.4 lens) while photographing lights at a distance – here, on Pennsylvania Avenue.

  • Photo experiment – day 27 of 31

    Today’s experiment is taking a new photo and making it look old, by applying texture layers, experimenting with the blend modes and opacity until it looks good.

  • Photo experiment – day 26 of 31

    Today’s experiment is turning a photo into the look of a pencil sketch.   The sketch was created with the Tiffen Dfx plugin for Photoshop.  I tried a couple of other things first – the Photoshop sketch and other artistic filters, and Topaz Simplify, but none of them gave the look I wanted.  I ended…

  • Photo experiment – day 25 of 31

    Today’s experiment is taking an old pre-digital photo in bad shape, and adding enough grunge texture to it that the flaws get less visible among the new grunge.  The grunge was added in Photoshop – actually 2 grunge texture layers were added, with varying degrees of opacity and blend modes.