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  • Travelogue – New York City

    Travelogue – New York City

    On my recent trip to New York City, I wanted to use both my DSLR and my Iphone camera – but to keep it simple, I decided that I would take just a few photos with my Iphone, trying to capture my trip in 3 or 4 photos from each day.  Here they are:

  • Bergdorf’s windows

    Bergdorf’s windows

    Bergdorf Goodman, on Fifth Avenue in New York, always has elaborate window decorations. on three sides of its building.  These windows are from their 111th anniversary display, during Sept. 2012.  The backgrounds are filled with memoriabilia and items from Bergdorf’s history.  

  • Chrysler building at night

    Chrysler building at night

    Since I live in a short city (D.C., with building height limits of 130 ft.), I find the upwards vistas in New York to be fascinatingly beautiful.

  • Barneys 500

    Barneys 500

    One of the things I love about New York is the creativity of the store windows.  Barneys has some of the best displays.  This is the Barneys 500 – a race course for shoes that ran across windows in the front and side of the store.

  • Fiesta DC 2012

    Fiesta DC 2012

    Fiesta DC parade went down Pennsylvania Avenue this afternoon.  I have taken photos of a number of parades along this route – and it remains a challenge to get good shots – crowds in the way, strong light and heavy shadows, usually costumes with hats that shade the faces, busy backgrounds, etc.  So I took…

  • Zezeh Brazilian Dance

    Zezeh Brazilian Dance

    At the 2012 Adams Morgan Day festival

  • Photo experiment – day 31 of 31

    This month has been fun trying new things. I’m glad to be done, and glad I actually managed to stick to something for 31 days in a row. It’s been a useful way to become less hesitant about experimenting – with the daily task of trying a new technique, I haven’t worried about waiting to…

  • Photo experiment day 30 of 31

    Today’s experiment is a image made into a half-tone, with dots somewhere between newpaper-sized and Lichtenstein-sized, using Photoshop’s filters.

  • Photo experiment day 29 of 31

    You could wait forever to catch two trains absolutely simultaneous in the Metro, or use Photoshop to create a mirror image like this –

  • Photo experiment – day 28 of 31

    Today’s experiment (actually, from last night): out-of-focus lights. Done by setting the camera focus to up close, and the aperture wide open (50mm 1.4 lens) while photographing lights at a distance – here, on Pennsylvania Avenue.