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  • Photo experiment – day 20 of 31

    Today’s experiment is creating a microplanet. Here’s the Statue of Liberty on top of the world (glad that Photoshop knows more about polar coordinates than I remember from school)   The technique is very easy (using Photoshop’s polar distort filter) but getting something that looks decent is tough.  The big issue is finding a type […]

  • Photo experiment – day 19 out of 31

    Today I tried to photograph smoke. New to me: buying incense (I’d heard that it smoked the best), then not being able to find matches so using a lighter for the first time (how did I make it this far in life with never figuring out how to use a lighter before?)    

  • Photo experiment day 18 of 31

    Trying to get a great splash shot like ones I’ve seen. Well, could have done better if I had a lot more patience, and probably had I used something thicker like cream rather than mixing water, milk, red food dye, orange juice, and V-8 juice, i.e., whatever was in the refrigerator. Also, it was one […]

  • Photo experiment – day 17 of 31

    Restoring the Wye Oak The Wye Oak, Maryland’s official tree, was about 460 years old when it died in 2002. This image is from a slide I took a number of years ago, with lots of damage – streaks, stratches, dust, mildew, etc. (hey, don’t store slides in your basement), which I now restored to […]

  • Photo experiment – day 16 of 31

    Where are the tourists? At this time of year, Lafayette Square is loaded with tourists, but none are in this image: The solution is to take multiple photos, each with the tourists in slightly different places, then combine them in Photoshop. Photoshop offers an automated way to do this – using “image stack”, designed for […]

  • Photo experiment – day 15 of 31

    Today’s experiment is a panorama. I took 10 shots of the World War II Memorial, overlapping each one. As to how much overlap, it varied since the shots were handheld and composed by trying to stay still except to move my direction by moving my feet. I took them in vertical format so that there […]

  • Photo experiment – day 14 of 31

    Today’s photo (well, actually taken last night) is attempting a silhouette – where due to the lighting and exposure, the people are almost black. Works well with simple, identifiable shapes against plain backgrounds, like the sky. This shot is from the county fair, with people on bleachers watching the tractor pull.

  • Photo experiment – day 13 of 31

    Today’s experiment is trying a super-high-contrast look. The main processing was done with Topaz Adjust, with some other small changes afterwards.

  • Photo experiment – day 12 of 31

    Today’s experiment is trying a black and white HDR – I’ve tried a number of HDR’s in color, but this is the first time I have tried black and white. I used HDR Efex Pro. I didn’t like any of the monochrome presets. At first, I had trouble figuring out how to make the adjustments […]

  • Photo experiment – day 11 of 31

    Today’s experiment is tilt-shift – applying the tilt-shift effect in Photoshop CS6 to a photo. The photo was one I took in 2005 in Central Park of The Gates – it was taken on slide film, and then I scanned the slide to convert it to digital, so the image is not of the highest […]