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  • 1524 Shootout

    1524 Shootout

    The 1524 Shootout competition is an annual competition that announces a theme and gives photographers 24 hours to submit a set of 5 photos on that theme. I entered the competition for the first time this year.  The theme was “Movement.”  Here are the photos I entered: As you can see, these are all photos…

  • Capturing a concert

    Capturing a concert

    I’ve never photographed a concert before, but at Art All Night this weekend, I got a chance to see the bands playing at the Wonder Bread factory.  It was extremely crowded and the only place I found to stand was off to the rear of the stage, but that turned out to be an interesting…

  • Shadow play

    Shadow play

    Making shadows reached new heights this weekend at an Art All Night installation by Jim Webb.  Blue, red, and yellow lights were projected from the back of an empty lot on to a five-story building in Shaw, allowing anyone to dance or pose in front of them, or use props or cardboard cutouts.

  • Pope Francis visits D.C.

    Pope Francis visits D.C.

    The Pope’s visit to D.C. was a wildly popular event. I didn’t actually get to see the Pope up close, but was nearby and enjoyed the positivity of the crowds.  At the Papal mass at the National Shrine, there was an outside overflow viewing area with a Jumbotron watched by a crowd of people of…

  • New York Fashion Week 2015

    New York Fashion Week 2015

    NYFW is a great chance to see trends and creativity on the streets of New York.

  • Skateboarding at the Kennedy Center

    Skateboarding at the Kennedy Center

    The Finding a Line: Skateboarding, Music, and Media Festival at the Kennedy Center brings a skateboard park to the front terrace of the stark modernist building.  These photos are from one of the open skate times, attracting a variety of skaters from the area.             Bands accompany the skaters:  …

  • Montgomery County Fair 2015

    Montgomery County Fair 2015

    The Montgomery County Fair combines a traditional agricultural fair with  a midway full of rides and games.  

  • At The Beach

    At The Beach

    The Beach is an installation in the Great Hall of the National Building Museum, where a large pit has been constructed and filled with 750,000 plastic balls. The Beach is designed by Snarkitecture, specifically for the Building Museum.        

  • FAO Schwarz

    FAO Schwarz

    The last days of FAO Schwarz on Fifth Avenue before the 2015 bankruptcy.

  • China: Through the Looking Glass

    China: Through the Looking Glass

    The amazing China: Through the Looking Glass exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.