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  • Emancipation Day fireworks

    Emancipation Day fireworks

    I’ve seen the Emancipation Day fireworks for the past several years, and while they are always the same, the thrill remains electric. Seeing fireworks along Pennsylvania Avenue is amazing, and the crowds are sparse so I can get a front-row view, close enough to feel some ashes. The show is short and intense, with fireworks…

  • Sakura Matsuri

    Sakura Matsuri

    The Sakura Matsuri festival, now in its 56th year, moved from its traditional location on Pennsylvania Avenue to the Capital Riverfront. While the location was not as scenic, and shade-less, it was still a great and extremely crowded event.

  • Sentient Chamber

    Sentient Chamber

    Sentient Chamber is an interactive installation at the National Academy of Sciences. It was created by a multi-disciplinary group of architects, engineers, scientists, and artists, designed to explore the concept of living architecture. The elements in the sculpture respond to the humans in the environment with subtle sounds and lights.

  • All the Rules Will Change

    All the Rules Will Change

    It was awesome to go to the opening of Robert Irwin’s exhibit last night at the Hirshhorn, and hear him speak. At 87, with 60 years of creating art, his work appears to have reached a super-minimal but very rich place. As he says, “all the rules will change,” as he has shown during the…

  • Light City

    Light City

    I had a magical night seeing Light City in Baltimore on Saturday. Everywhere around the Inner Harbor, there were light installations. My favorite was the origami boats, a series of small floating boats that changed hues.

  • International Pillow Fight Day

    International Pillow Fight Day

    On April 2, there were pillow fights in more than 100 cities around the world.  D.C.’s fight took place on a small park adjacent to the Mall.  

  • Blossom Kite Festival

    Blossom Kite Festival
  • Nuclear Summit, and protest

    Nuclear Summit, and protest

    I’m always impressed at the ability of D.C. to host large events, but the Nuclear Summit yesterday and today was an especially amazing display of logistics, keeping 50 world leaders safe. Tall security fencing blocked off a several block area surrounding the Convention Center. I walked around the full perimeter, and it was eerily quiet…

  • Seagulls at the blossoms

    Seagulls at the blossoms

    One of my pleasures during the cherry blossoms is to watch the seagulls flying over the Tidal Basin. Here’s what I saw yesterday: Here are some from previous years:

  • Worm Moon

    Worm Moon

    Tonight’s full moon, as seen from Constitution Gardens.