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  • Concert on the Avenue

    Concert on the Avenue

    The Navy Band’s Concert on the Avenue, with flag ceremony, at the Navy Memorial on Pennsylvania Avenue on August 2nd.

  • PACT Act

    PACT Act

    The PACT Act – taking care of veterans who suffer from burn pit and other toxic chemicals from their service – was stalled in the Senate after 25 Republicans changed their votes in a political act. Veterans were out on the Senate steps for several days: Finally, on the night of August 2nd, the bill […]

  • Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens

    Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens

    Waterlilies, lotus, and butterflies at Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens this morning.

  • Fire spinning

    Fire spinning

    Fire spinning from Sunset & Chill and Irresistible Revolution, at Olde City Garden on July 23rd.

  • Birds in Flight

    Birds in Flight

    The Birds in Flight demonstration at the National Zoo showcases the behavior of a variety of exotic birds.

  • Mei Xiang’s birthday

    Mei Xiang’s birthday

    The celebration of Mei Xiang’s 24th birthday, at the National Zoo.

  • Summer of Rage

    Summer of Rage

    Abortion protests today from the Women’s March, called the Summer of Rage – starting at Franklin Park and marching to the White House and tying bandannas to the fence. RiseUp4AbortionRights was also demonstrating in Lafayette Park.

  • Folklife Festival

    Folklife Festival

    The 2022 Smithsonian Folklife festival featured the UAE. Falconry Pearl diving music Weaving Mural

  • Overturning Roe

    Overturning Roe

    In front of the Supreme Court as the opinion in Dobbs announced, ending 50 years of abortion rights.

  • Moral March on Washington

    Moral March on Washington

    The Moral March on Washington, sponsored by the Poor People’s Campaign, took place in D.C. on June 18, with thousands at the rally on Pennsylvania Avenue. Drawing on the transformational history of the First Reconstruction following the Civil War and the Second Reconstruction of the civil rights struggles of the 20th century, the Third Reconstruction is a […]