Voting Rights

Remembering the Voting Rights Act

The anniversary of the Voting Rights Act is August 6th, and as part of the remembrance of it, there was a ceremony at the Supreme Court on August 3rd. Luci Baines Johnson spoke about how important it was to her father, as the signature legislation of his presidency. Reverend Jesse Jackson spoke about the critical need to pass new voting rights legislation.

Luci Baines Johnson
Reverend Jesse Jackson
Reverend Jesse Jackson and Luci Baines Johnson
Reverend Jesse Jackson
Reverend Frederick Douglass Haynes III

For the People Act

State delegates came to D.C. to lobby for the For the People Act, the new voting rights bill. John Sarbanes spoke to the group on August 3rd. He was the representative who introduced the bill to the House when the Democrats took control in 2019.

Rally and march for voting rights

On August 4th, there was a rally and march for voting rights, led by Reverend Jesse Jackson. The march was from the National Museum of African American History and Culture to the White House.

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