The Fourth

This year, after no celebration last year, D.C. was ready to celebrate the Fourth again – hopefully with some caution, remembrance of those lost or suffering from the pandemic, and some more awareness of the country’s history that has never meant freedom for all.

During the day, the traditional parade was cancelled but the National Archives, with the Declaration of Independence inside, was still a festive space.

Batala playing in from of the Archives
Constitution Avenue was closed, and people were making chalk drawings on the street in front of the Archives.

The Ellipse was open until mid-afternoon, with a view of the preparations at the White House for the fireworks viewing party for first responders and military personnel.

The REACH at the Kennedy Center was a great location to view the fireworks. From where we were standing, we could see one of the two sets of fireworks directly over the Lincoln Memorial, and part of the other set of fireworks. The REACH had not been opened yet when the last fireworks display happened in 2019, so this was the first time for viewing from this location, and it attracted a large crowd.

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