LGBTQ employment rights

Scenes at the Supreme Court today, while three LGBTQ employment rights cases were argued.

There was a suspicious package outside the Court, so the street was blocked off until the police could make sure it was safe. Then they let the crowd march toward the Court.
Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton
Lawyers coming out of the Court after the arguments finished

After the hearing, there was a planned sit-down in the street right in front of the Court. The police let the activists sit for about 30 minutes, then asked each person in turn to stand up, give them their ID, and walk across the street to the Capitol for processing citations. Everyone complied peacefully and the police were very friendly.

Handing over identification for processing as a citation
Waiting on the Capitol grounds in a line for the police to process citations
Mug shots being taken of those who are receiving citations
Some of the last few protestors in the street

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