Moke’s Birthday

Moke, the baby gorilla at the National Zoo, turned one on April 15th. The Zoo threw him a birthday party – the rest of the gorillas had a great time, but Moke spent the entire party clinging to his mother Calaya.

Meanwhile, Moke’s father Baraka had taken over the birthday cake.

After a short while, Calaya decides that it is her turn with the cake, and stares at Baraka until he leaves.

She immediately grabs a treat from the cake. After eating that treat, she tears off a big piece of the cake and goes high up in the branches with it. Moke is clinging to her the whole time, but she never appears to offer him a piece of cake.

The other gorillas are having a great time finding the treats in the outdoor enclosure, including boxes glued shut with peanut butter, and more peanut butter strips on the wall.

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