Concert on the Avenue

Tuesday nights during the summer, the Navy Band performs at the Navy Memorial on Pennsylvania Avenue, in a series they call “Concerts on the Avenue.” One of the highlights of their performances is the fifty-state flag ceremony that opens the concert.

The flag bearers are in two lines, marching together until they split to go around the perimeter circle of the Memorial.




In addition to the state flags, there is the traditional presentation of the U.S. flag marching up the center aisle.


The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed but also formal and inspirational. The flag bearers manage to keep all elements of their uniforms perfect despite soaring heat.




2 responses to “Concert on the Avenue”

  1. Thank you for posting these incredible images. I am the Commanding Officer of the US Navy Ceremonial Guard (the Sailors carrying the flags). I’m also the one with the sword in your photos 😉

    With your permission, I would like to share these photos with the Sailors featured in them. Thank you again and have a nice day.

    CDR Ronel Reyes

    • Please feel free to use these photos in any way you want. I’ve also posted the high-res versions of the photos in Google Drive if it is easier for you to get them from there. Thank you so much for your service – it’s a honor to get to see the ceremony.

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