Post Hunt 2016

The Post Hunt draws about 10,000 participants each year, trying to solve clues (or even find the clues) within a downtown area. This year, I got three out of the five answers, and was on the way to solving one more, except that I took a break to eat pizza mid-way through and didn’t have time to walk far enough to get the last part of the clue (worth it to have a break from the rain, though).

The previous hunts have started and ended at Freedom Plaza, but this hunt used the Convention Center as a base, which was very convenient especially given the rain. Here’s the crowd beginning to build up about a half-hour before it begins.

Post Hunt 2016.

Some of the clues required waiting until umbrellas didn’t obscure the view:

Post Hunt 2016

The final clue was given from the stage by Dave Barry. Here, he is preparing the final clue by unveiling a pair of outhouses (once open, the outhouses had actors in them acting #1 and #2, part of the numbers for the final solution).

Post Hunt 2016

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