Funk Parade

The Funk Parade and festival is in its third year, and bigger and better than ever.  This year, I was one of the “official” photographers, which in theory allowed me closer access to some events, but didn’t really help much given the size of the joyous crowds.  It was a wonderful day of creativity and celebration.

Mural installation

I Love U Street



Around the corner

Funk Painting

Finding a Line

Joe Keyes and the Late Bloomer Band

Mo Lucas Community Band

Mo Lucas Community Band

Getting ready for the parade


Batala drumming

Duke Ellington Marching Band

Nubian Spin

Vava United School of Samba

Marching dragon

Roller Disco

Feel the Funk


Happy on U St.

At the Tropicalia

Nighttime Funk

Nighttime Funk

Funk at night

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