Washington Post demolition

The Washington Post moved to a new building on L St. in 1951, and expanded to another building around the corner on 15th St. in 1972. After selling the paper to Jeff Bezos in 2013, the Post sold its buildings to Carr Properties. Carr is demolishing the buildings and will put up a large new complex, with Fannie Mae as the anchor tenant. Here is how the demolition looked this weekend:

and demolished in 2016.

and demolished in 2016.

and demolished in 2016.

The demolition photos are from the L St. building. The 15th St. building has not yet been demolished but is stripped bare:

Demolition of the Washington Post building

For comparison, here is how the facade looked a couple of hours after the surprise news of the sale to Bezos:

Washington Post is sold

The Post buildings were not granted any historical status, because of their undistinguished architecture. For the 1972 expansion on 15th St., Kay Graham had hired I.M. Pei, hoping for an imposing building. He proposed an expensive design, with the building resembling a typewriter. After spending $2 million and 4 years, the Post decided it was too expensive, and went with Albert Kahn Associates, who had designed the 1951 building on L St.

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