Pope Francis visits D.C.

The Pope’s visit to D.C. was a wildly popular event. I didn’t actually get to see the Pope up close, but was nearby and enjoyed the positivity of the crowds.  At the Papal mass at the National Shrine, there was an outside overflow viewing area with a Jumbotron watched by a crowd of people of all ages:


A man was painting an image of the Pope nearby:


Street vendors were everywhere, selling Pope  merchandise:

IMG_9866-Edit-2 IMG_9860-Edit-3 IMG_9789-Edit-Edit-5-2 IMG_9743-Edit-1

Security was tight but worked well everywhere.  Here is a helicopter over MLK Library, one of several flying low right before the Pope was driven to St. Patrick’s near the library.


One of my favorite views in D.C. are the flags along Pennsylvania Avenue. When there is not a foreign dignitary visiting, there are two flags – the American flag and the D.C. flag. For any foreign visit, that country’s flag is added to the other two.

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