New York – November 2012

Three days in New York, taking a limited number of Iphone photos to capture the experience:

Train tracks as seen from a moving train, along the Amtrak corridor
MOMA, and reflections
Men staring at The Scream, on display at MOMA
Mural on Roseland Ballroom exterior
Leo Villereal, at Madison Square, with the Chrysler building visible through the center
Fashion District
Reflections, 6th Avenue
Keyboard, on the floor of a moving subway car
Discovering Columbus exhibit, above Columbus Circle
Warhol on the wall at the Discovering Columbus exhibit
Accordion on the subway platform
Sticker, near Union Square
Stickers, East Village
Graffiti/stickers East Village
Times Square
Holiday window, Lord & Taylor, with reflections of skyscrapers

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