Photo experiment – day 31 of 31

This month has been fun trying new things. I’m glad to be done, and glad I actually managed to stick to something for 31 days in a row. It’s been a useful way to become less hesitant about experimenting – with the daily task of trying a new technique, I haven’t worried about waiting to find the time to do anything to a more perfect state, just a good initial attempt at each technique. Some of the experiments I probably won’t try again, but some I definitely will – I want to make a better shot of a splash, and I will probably use the photo+texture often, and I am fascinated by light-painting.
Here is making a 3D look out of a couple of my photos – the acrobat is from one photo, and the sides of the box are 5 copies of one photo. The result is not yet really good but I can see how I might be able to do something like this better in the future:

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