Photo experiment day 18 of 31

Trying to get a great splash shot like ones I’ve seen. Well, could have done better if I had a lot more patience, and probably had I used something thicker like cream rather than mixing water, milk, red food dye, orange juice, and V-8 juice, i.e., whatever was in the refrigerator.

Also, it was one of my first times using a flash, so I was guessing on the angle and exposure.   I was also guessing a bit on the focus.  And I needed one more set of hands.  And a better way to drop the liquid – I tried a feeble turkey baster without much success, and then moved to pouring slowly from a glass measuring cup – it would have been better if I had been able to drop the liquid from on high, and if I had waited between attempts for the frothy bubbles to disappear.

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