Photo experiment – day 1/31

Given that it is the doldrums of August, I thought I’d try a new photo experiment each day of the month – trying a new technique, plugin, subject, app, or something else I haven’t tried before.

Today’s experiment is the Flood plugin.

The Flood plugin is from Flaming Pear, with a free trial version.  It’s really easy to use.  At its most basic, all you have to do is to drag the horizon line up to the point where you want the water’s edge.  There are lots of other options and refinements possible.

As you can see, it creates realistic water and reflections.   The photo is one I took 3 years ago, when I was just starting out with photography, using a point-and-shoot.  So even starting with a not-very-high quality jpeg, this plugin seems to work very well.  Although, of course, there aren’t that many occasions where this plugin could be used without being a gimmick.

For reference, here is the original photo.

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