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  • Capital Pride

    Capital Pride

    Parade The parade went straight down 14th Street, from T Street to Pennsylvania Avenue, instead of its usual route winding through the Dupont Circle area. The new route was chosen to test out a route that can accommodate the crowds when D.C. becomes the site of World Pride next year. Capital Pride Festival June 9th,…

  • Trump Hush Money Trial

    Trump Hush Money Trial

    I went to NY to see the scenes around the courthouse on May 20th and 21st while the Trump hush money trial was concluding. The news media vans were set up on Lafayette Street, across the park from the courthouse. The public was allowed to be in Collect Pond Park, which was across the street…

  • 80th Anniversary of D-Day

    80th Anniversary of D-Day

    At the ceremony at the World War II Memorial to commemorate the 80th anniversary, the great-grandson of FDR read the prayer that FDR spoke to the nation on D-Day. Two WWII veterans attended, including Frank Cohn who has been at most of the ceremonies at the Memorial since its creation. The U.S., the WWII veterans,…

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