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The Kindness Campaign

Instagram’s Kindness campaign commissioned several murals in the U.S. In D.C., a mural by Dallas Clayton was unveiled at Union Market with a small ceremony, featuring the artist, Instagram COO Marne Levine, Jewel and her son, local politicians, and some young entrepreneurs.

Dallas Clayton

Marne Levine and Jewel

Ben’s new mural

A few months ago, Ben’s Chili Bowl decided to paint over its mural featuring Bill Cosby and Barack Obama. There’s been a lot of speculation about who would appear on the new mural, including an option for people to vote on their favorite. Today was the opening presentation of the new mural, and the answer turns out to be that just about everyone will be on the mural – ranging from Harriet Tubman to Jim Vance to Prince to the Obamas. And Chuck Brown, of course.

Artist Aniekan Udofia, who also did the 2012 Ben’s mural, has sketched in the outlines of many of the figures. It’s going to take him about two weeks to finish the mural.

Aniekan Udofia

March for Life

I saw only the end of the March for Life, as it ended at the Supreme Court, but even with many people having already finished the March, the crowd was still huge after six hours on a cold day. There were pro-life speakers in front of the Court, and a few pro-choice advocates standing nearby.















Dupont Underground – revisited

Two years ago, I took one of the first public tours of the Dupont Underground space, which was still very raw. Now, after two years of work, the non-profit Dupont Underground has opened the space for more tours and future events.  This tour included light projections in one area of the tunnel.  The space is still pretty raw, but they have expanded the tours to include the full circle of the tracks under Dupont Circle, including the remains of the short-lived 1995 food court. The remnants of last spring’s Re-Ball exhibit are still there too.