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New York – November 2012

Three days in New York, taking a limited number of Iphone photos to capture the experience:

Train tracks as seen from a moving train, along the Amtrak corridor
MOMA, and reflections
Men staring at The Scream, on display at MOMA
Mural on Roseland Ballroom exterior
Leo Villereal, at Madison Square, with the Chrysler building visible through the center
Fashion District
Reflections, 6th Avenue
Keyboard, on the floor of a moving subway car
Discovering Columbus exhibit, above Columbus Circle
Warhol on the wall at the Discovering Columbus exhibit
Accordion on the subway platform
Sticker, near Union Square
Stickers, East Village
Graffiti/stickers East Village
Times Square
Holiday window, Lord & Taylor, with reflections of skyscrapers

Travelogue – New York City

On my recent trip to New York City, I wanted to use both my DSLR and my Iphone camera – but to keep it simple, I decided that I would take just a few photos with my Iphone, trying to capture my trip in 3 or 4 photos from each day.  Here they are:

Reflections in a building on 8th Avenue. Stuck in traffic on the way to my hotel, since there was a festival on 8th Avenue.
Waiting in line outside the Whitney for the Kusama exhibit. No photos are allowed inside the Whitney, so this is the view through the window, with Kusama on the bottom and the Whitney ceiling lights on the top.
Bas relief with graffiti, St. Mark’s Place
Stickers and graffiti on St. Mark’s Place
Pigeons on 8th Avenue
Pigeons on 8th Avenue
First anniversary of Occupy Wall Street, in front of Trinity Church
Hacula sticker in the driveway of an underground garage, Chelsea
Old poster on 10th Avenue in Chelsea
Markings on a post in Chelsea
Greek head at the Met
Broadway cleared for President Obama’s motorcade, coming from Letterman
Torrential rain, on 8th Avenue
Feast of San Gennaro, along Mulberry Street
Chinatown signs, along Canal St.
Philadelphia skyline, viewed from the Amtrak train on my way home.

Barneys 500

One of the things I love about New York is the creativity of the store windows.  Barneys has some of the best displays.  This is the Barneys 500 – a race course for shoes that ran across windows in the front and side of the store.

Walter Steiger shoe in the Barneys 500 race.
Manolo Blanik (#3) and Pierre Hardy (#5) shoes racing around the Barneys 500 track.
Manolo Blanik shoe in the Barneys 500 race.