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The Let Go

The Let Go is an environment created by Nick Cave in the vast space in the Park Avenue Armory. The space is mainly dark, with some lights forming dance areas as circles or a strip for line dancing, and there are colored tinsel strips that move to enfold various dance spaces. All of the lights, tinsel, and dance areas change every few minutes. The attendees come to dance and are able to dance anywhere they want.

The March – Part 2

I saw the beginning of the March on the west side, at 7th and Greenwich.  I then walked around the south side of the March, where many streets were blocked off, and got back near the March on the east side of  Fifth Avenue, walking northward from Washington Square to the end of the March past 28th St.


A couple of hours later, I went to the west side of Fifth Avenue, starting at 28th St. and walking south.  At this point, the March had been going on for 6 hours, and the crowds had thinned a little but were still large.

Free Zehra Dogan

Banksy mural in the Bowery, to bring attention to the imprisonment of Zehra Dogan, a Turkish artist and journalist who is imprisoned for creating a painting depicting the destruction of the city of Nusaybin. The marks on the mural represent the number of days that Dogan has been imprisoned.