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It was incredibly powerful to see the recreation of the Kennedy funeral yesterday along 14th St. Natalie Portman is Jackie, and Peter Sarsgaard is Robert Kennedy.
Jackie and Robert Kennedy in the funeral procession
Jackie and Robert Kennedy in the funeral procession
Pulling the caisson
Kennedy's caisson
Funeral procession
Riderless horse
The most heart-breaking sight is Caroline Kennedy starting out the window of the limousine.

Funeral procession
Earlier in the afternoon, cast members and extras were around the Hamilton on 14th Street in classic 1960’s style.
Movie extras
There was a large production unit managing the wardrobes, limousine, and other production elements on 14th Street.
This weekend was the only filming scheduled in D.C., the remaining filming will take place elsewhere.

The Streetcar Opens

At the opening of the streetcar on Saturday morning, Mayor Bowser spoke and people cheered and waved banners that had been distributed to the crowd.
Listening to Mayor Bowser's speech.
Among the cheering crowd, there were pockets of anger. I can easily understand this – I had just taken the X2 bus to get there, which has always been a serviceable way to go along the same route as the streetcar but in no way a fun form of transportation. From that point of view, the streetcar seems like a pure upscale indulgence.

The Amalgamated Transit Union was also there with a small organized protest on pay issues.
D.C. Streetcar opening
Amalgamated Transit Union protest, reflected in the windows of the streetcar
D.C. Streetcar opening
The first rides were just for VIP’s:
D.C. Streetcar opening
Shortly after that, streetcars started running in both directions, turning around near a patient crowd waiting for rides at Union Station.
D.C. Streetcar opening
D.C. Streetcar opening
The streetcar will be free for the first six months, and run on Monday through Saturdays.

Justice Scalia

Justice Scalia’s body lay in state at the Supreme Court today. The flags outside were at half mast.

Half mast

A pile of tributes were at the foot of the steps, including fortune cookies from his dissent on marriage equality (“mystical aphorisms of the fortune cookie”), and applesauce from Obamacare (subsidies are “pure applesauce”).

Tributes at the Court

Tributes at the Court

Long lines were outside the court, estimated to be three hours wait.

Waiting crowds

Paying tribute

Keeping the vigil

The peace vigil in Lafayette Square was started in 1981 by William Thomas, and shortly after that, Concepcion Picciotto maintained the vigil daily until her death last week. Philipos, another long-time volunteer, is keeping the vigil going on after Connie’s death.





RIP Connie
Concepcion Picciotto, who has been protesting continuously for 30 years against nuclear weapons, in Lafayette Square, across from the White House

Cathedral light

Once a year, the National Cathedral moves its chairs to the side, and invites photographers in to see the open space. When the strong morning sun shines through the stained glass, it creates reflections in unreally-bright neon colors.

Seeing Deeper

Seeing Deeper

Seeing Deeper

Seeing Deeper

Seeing Deeper

Seeing Deeper