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Adams Morgan Porchfest

Porchfest was on October 1st, and it was a feast of music played from porches, sidewalks, and other small locations around Adams Morgan, including Roy Hill playing the viola out the window of a restaurant:

Viola in the window

Unity Park in Adams Morgan was also having a promotional event for its new incarnation, with orange hammocks throughout the small park:

Hammock time

And this cat on 18th Street was carefully watching the passersby:

Cat in the window

Fashion show

The D.C. Fashion Incubator had a show on August 31st at the W Hotel, showcasing emerging fashion designers who are part of their program.

Fabric design by Thomas Massanier:


Zika-protective clothing, using mosquito netting and treated fabrics, by Fawn Jordan of The Wearable Art Gallery:


The “Hummingbird Collection” by Belle Flowers:


Menswear collection “Poetic Injustice” by Shaka King, the head of the incubator:



Hot day at the Zoo

In the strong mid-day summer heat, not too many animals are outside at the National Zoo, but it is an opportunity to look at some of the smaller animals indoors at the Reptile Center and at Amazonia.




Redtail catfish



And there is always a crowd watching the sea lions:

California Sea Lion

D.C. State Fair

I went to the D.C. State Fair at 4:00 yesterday – it had been running for 5 hours and had 4 more hours to go, but there didn’t seem to be too many activities going on, and the heat was incredible given the massive concrete slab that is Storey Park.

But even with not much going on, it’s always fun to see Storey Park with people in it, walking over the great art underneath, and the cute kids around.

DSC02527-1 DSC02533-2 DSC02538-3 DSC02547-4 DSC02555-5

Dump Trump rally

There was a fairly small Dump Trump rally yesterday, on the corner by the soon-to-open Trump Hotel. The rally was sponsored by D.C.’s shadow representative, Representative Garcia, and the other shadow, Senator Strauss, also spoke. Both men spoke about the goal of not having the city or its residents drive any money toward the Trump Hotel (which is scheduled to open on September 12th).


Senator Strauss speaking, with Representative Garcia listening
Senator Strauss speaking, with Representative Garcia listening


NPS 100th

Today is the 100th birthday of the founding of the National Park Service, and in celebration NPS staged a massive version of their logo on the Mall. It was created by 1,200 volunteers holding colored umbrellas, and photographed from above by a helicopter.

Here they are getting ready for it:




And here’s what it looked like when the photo from the helicopter was taken.