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Plank like RBG

For Justice Ginsberg’s 86th birthday, there was a Plank like RBG event in front of the Supreme Court.

Bryant Johnson, RBG’s trainer, spoke to the crowd, saying that RBG had just managed her first plank since her operation.

Manafort sentencing

A very long cold wait as the sentencing hearing in Virginia took much longer than expected, but worth standing there for 3 1/2 hours to witness part of history.

Running out of the courthouse with news, but it turned out not news of the sentencing yet.
Running out of the courthouse with news of the sentencing.
Kevin Downing, Manafort’s lawyer, spoke briefly after the verdict.

Roger Stone Hearing

Judge Berman required Roger Stone to come to an emergency hearing today about his gag order, in reaction to his Instagram post about her.

I saw him exiting the restaurant where he had lunch, on his way to the hearing.

This is the scene outside the court as the crowd waits for Stone to come out.

Stone’s bodyguard is the man with the beard by the car.

Morning Light

The sunlight in the morning at the National Cathedral creates amazing colors and reflections. Minor changes in the cloud cover or the location of the sun causes the interior colors to change from moment to moment, as the light shines through different panes of the stained glass.