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Roger Stone Hearing

Plea hearing on 1/29/19

There were a small number of protestors from both sides, and a huge media encampment. I got there early enough to have a good position by the microphone podium and had waited for about 90 minutes, when he surprisingly came out the other door and didn’t speak to the media, so all I got was this shot of the car that he was inside as it started to drive away.

Addendum: Scenes from outside the court at the second hearing, 2/1/19

Night of 1,000 Fridas

In celebration of Frida Kahlo, artist Theodore Carter declared a Night of 1,000 Fridas on January 25th. His goal was to have people all over the world create and share images of Frida and Frida-inspired works.

I went to see the Fridas in Petworth, where the arts district and local businesses were promoting the event. Some of the Frida tributes I saw were:

Flowers in homage to Frida
Painting a Frida

There were lots of small Fridas on doors and walls:

And some projections of Frida at the Ten Tigers bar:

Women’s March

1/19/19 in D.C., along Pennsylvania Avenue, E Street, and Freedom Plaza

Batala was at the march, providing both energy and joy to the crowd.

Some marchers went by the White House. There was a barrier fence blocking off about 1/3 of Pennsylvania Avenue, and many people started to leave their signs on the fence. The police did not try to stop anyone.

March for Life

The March for Life took place today. I didn’t go to the rally, but went to the Supreme Court before the march started. There were already many people there, both pro-life and pro-choice. Later, when the march started, I watched it by the Supreme Court and along Constitution Avenue. There were immense numbers of people in the march, with the first marchers coming by the Court around 1:45 and the last at 3:30.

116th Congress – Opening Day

As the 116th Congress convened at noon on January 3rd, there was generally a fairly festive atmosphere outside – greetings, photos, friendly but alert Capitol police, news media, onlookers, etc.

Congressman Michael McCaul, Republican from Texas, coming down the House steps.

The Herndon Reston Alliance came with letters that spelled out Defend Democracy, setting up at various areas near the Capitol and Congressional office buildings.This is the same group that brings letters to the nightly Kremlin Annex protests at the White House.