NPS 100th

Today is the 100th birthday of the founding of the National Park Service, and in celebration NPS staged a massive version of their logo on the Mall. It was created by 1,200 volunteers holding colored umbrellas, and photographed from above by a helicopter. Here they are getting ready for it: And here’s what it looked … Continue reading NPS 100th


On summer Sundays, tango dancers congregate at Freedom Plaza.  With the Capitol in the distance and the evening light, it combines for a wonderfully romantic scene. And the shoes are amazing!


The new exhibit at the National Building Museum, ICEBERGS, takes over the great hall with icebergs ranging from 16 to 56 feet tall. The work was designed by James Corner Field Operations, who also was the lead project architect for the High Line in New York. The icebergs are in an enclosure surrounded by netting, … Continue reading ICEBERGS