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When January Feels Like September

Had a really great opportunity on Tuesday to see the first run-through of the upcoming play at Mosaic Theater, When January Feels Like September (May 19-June 12). The director, playwright, stage designer, costume designer, and sound engineer all gave presentations about their concepts for the performance, and then the cast did the first table read. … Continue reading When January Feels Like September

Sakura Matsuri

The Sakura Matsuri festival, now in its 56th year, moved from its traditional location on Pennsylvania Avenue to the Capital Riverfront. While the location was not as scenic, and shade-less, it was still a great and extremely crowded event.

Sentient Chamber

Sentient Chamber is an interactive installation at the National Academy of Sciences. It was created by a multi-disciplinary group of architects, engineers, scientists, and artists, designed to explore the concept of living architecture. The elements in the sculpture respond to the humans in the environment with subtle sounds and lights.

Light City

I had a magical night seeing Light City in Baltimore on Saturday. Everywhere around the Inner Harbor, there were light installations. My favorite was the origami boats, a series of small floating boats that changed hues.